Sal Gonzalez
East L.A. native, Sal Gonzalez, has always been a trail blazer. Growing up, he stayed clear of the gang life, and let his love for music be his focus. After 9/11, he enlisted in the Marine Corp as soon as he was eligible. Serving in Iraq, he and his .50 cal machine gun cleared the roads of many IED's. Unforunately, he and his squad became the vicitms of one, which led to the amputation of part of his left leg. But this didn't stop him. After his medical discharge, Sal relocated to Nashville where he's once again chasing his musical dream. Check out his hit, Heroes, produced by A4A for their Operation: Sound Off! project. [more...]

Kaitlyn Maher
Kaitlyn Maher is only six years old, but has already endeared herself to millions across America and around the world. When she was only four years old, her pure voice, cute smile, and infectious personality propelled her over hundreds of thousands of contestants to become the youngest person ever to make it as a Top 10 Finalist on NBC’s hit show, America’s Got Talent. She has appeared on the Today Show, has been featured in People Magazine, and is the voice of Tiny in the Disney animated film, Santa Buddies. Check out her debut album, You Were Meant To Be, produced by A4A. [more...]

Singer, musician, guitarist, lyricist Brennin has taken inspiration from the national discord to an unlikely backdrop for 21st century rock in Nashville. This, with a host of musical influences from the Eagles and Michael Jackson to Marvin Gaye and Chris Cornell, Brennin has combined these influences with his own sensibilities which can be heard throughout his third album, Bring Back Tomorrow, produced by A4A's Scotty Huff, resulting in what’s being described as a strikingly unique sound that is truly “honest,” surrendering trepidation over perfect chords and perfect notes. His vocal prowess is strong yet underlined with a softened maturity and accentuated with his Joe Walsh guitar style. [more...]

Johnny Henry
St. Louis native Johnny Henry has long been a regional favorite, with his down home charm, entrancing voice, and a real knack for delivering a song. Having paved his way in the country music scene with his former band Spur, this "Mr. Mom" by day, recording artist and performer by night has "been there, done that" and wants to share it all through his music. Johnny has just recently finished recording a 5 song EP entitled, Now, with A4A producer Scotty Huff. Check it out! [more...]

Jon Roniger
Jonathan Roniger has come a long way from his New Orleans roots. With Jim Croce and Simon & Garfunkel as his early musical influences, Jonathan started his musical career at the age of ten in his church choir; at the age of 17, he picked up a guitar and began exploring his own musical style. As a songwriter, Jonathan strives to create a sound that allows his listeners to explore their feelings with his lighthearted songs about love and loss. Playing nationally and abroad, Jonathan's tour schedule continually exposes him to new and exciting musical influences.Jonathan's first Nashville album project, "Charmed Life", was co-produced by Jim Reilley, and A4A's Robert Reynolds. You'll also hear A4A's Scotty Huff's trumpet playing and horn arranging skills on the track Believe. [more...]

Jenna Von Oy
The multi-talented, Jenna Von Oy, never seases to amaze us. From television roles, such as "Six Le Meure" on NBC's Blossom, to film, as in "Born On The Fourth Of July", to voiceover work, Family Guy, to singing and songwriting, there seems no end to her talent. Her debut CD, Breathing Room features the production talents of A4A's Robert Reynolds and Jim Reilley, and A4A's Scotty Huff on acoustic guitar. [more...]