From simple songwriter demo's to major record label CD releases, A4A delivers outstanding, polished, cutting edge productions beyond expectations. Over 30 years of experience covering all areas of the recording industry gives A4A a distinct advantage over those who can only draw from one area of expertise. And our team approach gives their clients a much bigger well to draw from.

As artists ourselves, we take pride in our work and that means we approach each production project with the same care and intensity we give our own music. You won't find a "cookie cutter" in the place!

Having "been there, done that", A4A approaches this dying art with a fresh perspective. Currently, artist development is left in the hands of record label A&R departments or artist management firms. Neither of these entities have the time or resources to ensure TRUE artist development. And it is rare for either to have experienced artists and musicians working with their artists.

A4A changes all that. We focus on each artist, combining their unique qualities with real life experience and insiders knowledge. While the labels and management company's focus on the bottom line, we shape our artists into career makers.