Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NowRecords: A Revolution in Record Labels

There's a new label in town... and the name is... NowRecords!  This company has a fresh new take on what a recording label does.  This is the new music industry, ladies and gentlemen.  Now Records is leading the way.  They deal with singles only; focusing their artistry and attention to making a great song, and the artist, shine.  And guess what?  Their contracts FAVOR THE ARTIST!!!  (...we'll wait for you to regain consciousness...)

Within hours of launch last Thursday, April 14th, Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine's were banging on their door wanting to know what NowRecords is all about.  We recommend you take a look and keep your eye out for what could be the leader of a new revolution in record labels.

Check'em out at www.NowRecords.net

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